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15gifts | Junior Data Scientist | Brighton, UK | ONSITE http://www.15gifts.com

15gifts' decision-engine technology powers some of the largest corporations in the UK including Virgin Media, EE, Sky and The Times, and we're growing rapidly. We are now looking for a talented data scientist to join our team and help shape the recommendation algorithms that underpin our product.

You'll be working on the algorithms that underpin our product, and will be responsible for interpreting large amounts of behavioural data to discover the underlying stories and opportunities. Then you'll identify, help implement and test algorithms and optimisations that drive real improvements to our product's performance. You'll work closely with other parts of the business to ensure that the whole product is focused on maximising the benefit of the algorithms that we develop.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with SQL and Python and/or R, have a firm grounding in Data Science principles as well as experience in analysing and visualising data sets. The process will start with a phone chat, and then an interview based around a dataset that we'll ask you to analyse in advance.

Get in touch via work@15gifts.com and mention hacker news.

are you sponsoring VISA?

Hi, I'm afraid we're not able to do that for this position, sorry.

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