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Nexosis | DevOps Engineer | Columbus, OH | ONSITE | http://www.nexosis.com

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Mid-west based startup that is lowering the barriers for developers to leverage AI and Machine Learning.


  * Design, develop, test, support, and deploy a SaaS applications in the cloud
  * Implement processes which migrate and scale the application automatically
  * Work with software development to improve performance and reliability
  * Secure and manage the environments in which the application runs
Technical Qualifications

  * Experience in 24x7 production operations, preferably supporting a highly available environment for a SaaS or cloud service provider.
  * Knowledge of cloud infrastructure environments (e.g. AWS, Azure)
  * Container based architecture and deployments (Docker, Ansible, etc.) 
  * Release automation (e.g. Jenkins), system administration, system configuration, and system debugging experience.
  * Experience using scripting languages, configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, etc) and command execution frameworks.
  * Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other cloud services
  * Git, SVN, or any version control software
  * Strong debugging skills
Details / Application: http://nexosis.com/Home/Careers/596895?gh_jid=596895

whats your email?

You can hit me up at aijobs at nexosis period com :p

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