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Anyone can start a business at any time. I'm not talking about an internet startup, I'm talking about a lawn-mowing business.

Not everyone can start a business though. A business has to have employees.

Huh? A one-man business is a business in my book. In any case if you start one you're no longer working for "wages".

And the one man goes right back to needing someone to pay for his lawnmowing.

Huh? I quit my job. I buy a lawnmower (let us assume I planned that far ahead to save up enough money to buy a lawnmower). I knock on doors and say "Hey, I'll mow your lawn for ten dollars". I mow the damn lawns myself. I have a business. What's the problem here?

The "problem" is that you still need an employer. Calling yourself a business rather than an individual has not changed your situation. All you've done is exercise your capability to seek out other employers.

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