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+1. I recently got an Dell XPS 13 and hooked it up to my external monitor (4K). Icons were way too small so I adjusted those and standard text size. But getting applications (e.g. PyCharm) to run at a reasonable size was frustrating (I had to google it and then modify some configuration file somewhere). With OS X, which I just came from, the external monitor "just worked" when I plugged it into my Macbook Pro.

it really is a mess. i connected a 4k xps 15 to FHD monitor, the only way for it to work is via open source nvidia drivers and using xrandr to scale the external monitor and then use other settings to scale everything to FHD. that and some other things made me return the xps and order the new macbook.

Windows scaling should auto configure and work in any modern application. It always works like that for me, and I only have issues for software written in 2003 in Java or really old versions of QT.

> (I had to google it and then modify some configuration file somewhere)

I even had to do this with Chrome [1]. It's crazy how obscure this was when I was setting things up. Other apps, like Gimp, still look like shit because I can't find a way to do the same thing; their GUI just rends at a tiny scale and is difficult to use.

[1] https://superuser.com/a/1120078/103402

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