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Cool story. While not the same thing, the last line reminds me of exponential backoff.

BTW, the term "missed call" may not be familiar to people outside India. For those not familiar, it's ringing a number and them disconnecting before they pick up. Serves to notify them that you called :)

I would assume the term "missed call" is both obvious and universally implemented (as in phones show the message) but I could be wrong on that last part for a few places I guess.

True, I did think that - since it is a pretty obvious idea that anyone can think of - to use it as a signal to the called party, but was thinking more in terms of India being a less rich country (broadly), so more people may do it here to save money :), since, though it's only a little each time, it can add up if one calls people a lot. On the other hand, India nowadays has very cheap mobile rates compared to many other countries, I've read.

We call it 'ringing' in Hungary and it's a pretty common practice.

"Perdida" (from "llamada perdida") or "toque" (slang) in Spain.

In the (U.S.) amateur radio world, this has been referred to as a "one-ringer" for at least 25 years.

Interesting ...

squillo in italy ;)

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