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In all honesty we get very few questions about ACID compliance from users and customers but I can go into how Blazing handles this. When you are importing data that data is always being imported into a temporary store where we will compress and process that data to get it ready for being added to the database. When you run a query you create a snap shot of what information is available at the beginning of the query. When new information is compressed and ready to be made available to query we bring it in and any query that starts AFTER this has been made available will be able to query that new found data. Update is not in place it is rather a Delete / Insert operation and is still in beta. When information is loaded into the system you do not receive a response that it was successfully loaded until it has been completely written to disk, compressed, and made available for querying. Anything short of this leads to that temporary data being wiped and an error returned to the load data infile command.

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