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It's amusing to read the documents now, but this was serious stuff during WWII. I first learned about it when I read "IBM and the Holocaust" (http://www.ibmandtheholocaust.com/) by Edwin Black. There was a French bureaucrat who was part of occupied France's government who practiced this form of bureaucratic sabotage. I wish I could remember his name. He was eventually found out by the Nazis and died in a concentration camp.

"France excelled at many things. Punch card automation was not one of them."

Rene Carmille founded the Demographic Service in Vichy France and began conducting the first decent Jewish census in France because previous efforts had been such a shambles.

He took lots of German money to put together a punch card operation and set to work but failed to produce many names and addresses of Jewish families. However, he did manage to secretly put together a list of 300,000 veterans and others to mobilise as part of the Free French army when the allies invaded.

He was tortured and killed by Klaus Barbie in 1944.

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