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I hate to say this because it just makes me angry but it's all our fault.

If we didn't buy so many ipads with practically criminal TOSes then we wouldn't be stuck with a device that is tied to one of the worst cell phone providers in the world.

If more people demanded open network selection, and refused to buy an ipad until it was available on any network then we would have the features we want.

Ah the free market at it's best. Allowing consumers to unwittingly screw themselves over and over. Steve Jobs approved.

I'm sure Jobs was as against this change as the rest of us - do you really think this is something Jobs would willing do and 'approve'. Seriously?

There is no way this is a good for Apple and conversely, it's unlikely Jobs had any control over this change. Remember, this is ATT's move, not Apple's.

You can use other GSM providers with the iPad, it's not locked to AT&T.

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