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Is this true? Nobody is offering any statistics. What is your current usage? What would drive you over 2Gb?

Video content is the primary culprit. A few episodes of any substantive-length video podcast pushes you over the cap before you even use your device for anything else. Take "This Week in Startups" for example. The last episode was 700mb. So 1:40 worth of video content would consume 35% of your available data.

The only thing I use my iPad for is watching TV shows and university lectures I downloaded from iTunes store. I'd be WAY over 2GB. Then again, I'm not sure if you can download this content over 3G as I don't have that model of the iPad.

Watching 4 episodes of "Breaking Bad".

I just peeked at my iPhone cellular data usage. 650 Megs.

And I wouldn't perceive myself as using it that much. I mainly surf the web, and play games on it.

Maybe someone can put up a poll for iPhone/iPad users.

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