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The sign up any time you want unlimited plan is why I waited a month for the 3G to be available and why I paid a 130 dollar premium... This is completely untenable for apple to allow this to happen not even six months later. As a matter of fact, the announcement is VERY suspiciously timed exactly 1 month and 1day after the sale of the 3G ipads, making them unreturnable!!!

If you bought it from a big box store (rather than directly from Apple), you can probably still return it. Most stores will give you 2 or 3 extra days past the "30 day" limit, you just need to ask a manager.

BestBuy iPads came with a yellow sticker limiting to 14 days, not 30.

As of now, Apple still has not updated their product page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/3g/

Existing iPad customers, who already have the $29.99 unlimited monthly plan can choose to keep it

Right, but one of the very appealing things about the iPad data plan is that you can start or stop service whenever you like. But now, if you stop your unlimited plan (or hadn't started it yet) the unlimited option ceases to be available to you.

Here is my FTC complaint. You too can file one!


Apple computer advertised 2 different models of the iPad: one at $500 with wifi only Internet capability, and one with wifi and 3G coverage for $14.95 for 250 MB of data per month, or $30 a month for unlimited data (provided by AT&T)

This 3G was a no contract plan, requiring no longterm committment from consumers and was a Major buying factor for a large number of buyers, myself included. The fact one could upgrade to a reasonably priced unlimited plan at any time for a single month enticed us to purchase the more expensive unit.

Now AT&T, 32 days after the huge initial rush of iPad with 3G models were sold, and 1-5 days after they became ineligible for returns to Apple, AT&T announces effective June 7, 2010, they are completely changing the two iPad data plans to:

200 mb a month for $15 with $10 for every 200 MB thereafter Or 2 GB a month for $25 with $10 for every GB after

I view this rate hike and significant change to the costs of ownership of the iPad 3G to be a material change to the functionality of the device. While AT&T is offering to grandfather subscribers to the unlimited data plan , I purchased a device I was supposed to only have to pay for 3G coverage in the months I needed it. As it is, I will have to either give up the unlimited plan, or pay $360 a year to maintain it or lose it forever, effectively placing me under contract

Either Apple Computer should be forced to refund the difference or portion thereof of the iPad vs iPad 3G difference, or AT&T should be forced to offer continued a la cart per month unlimited plans for all people who purchased the iPad 3G before their announced price change, for at least 365 days from the American release of the device April 30, 2010, Or apple computer should be forced to accept returns of all iPad 3G models purchased before the AT&t plan change announcement for an additional 90 days with no restocking fee and no requirement the consumer also returns the box.

No cellular provider in the US is an alternative to AT&T coverage in the US market.

Have you tried going to an Apple store and just asking for the non-3G iPad + refund of the difference?

If enough people do that, Apple will need to respond to this.

Well said! It's hard to argue this is anything but a bait and switch.

Good letter. I have a feeling the class action attorneys are going to have a field day with this one.

My understanding is few companies have as many class action lawsuits against it as Apple. Perhaps Microsoft is the only one who has more. An old customer of mine is a lawyer specializing in class-action lawsuits, last time I talked to him about it he had filed suit against Apple seven times.

Thanks for filing the complaint. I posted my disappointment with AT&T on our blog at http://gpapps.com .

Yes, the issue is most of us don't wish to use the unlimited plan every day of the year. We want to use it the 2 months we travel somewhere and don't want to worry about internet access. That's $360 a yr vs $60 a year.

Right, but if you bought the iPad, with the intent of getting service only when you needed it, and haven't yet needed it…

Then your actual need for an unlimited bandwidth mobile service may be less strong than it felt.

Your reasoning there is flawed. I'm a heavy bandwidth user, but most of the time, I'm in my home or around town where I know of the WiFi hotspots. When I'm traveling, I'm sitting in airports or in places where I can't get WiFi easily. My bandwidth requirements don't change with my location, but the accessibility of non cellular networks does.

It's only been one month.

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