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Ali Qushji (wikipedia.org)
19 points by Petiver on March 26, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Some might have different perception of other civilizations' approach to science, Ali Kuscu might give them hints on that Islamic Civilization was not that terrible at times.

Two books that deal with the intellectual history of Central Asia are Frederick Starr's "Lost Enlightenment" and Christopher I. Beckwith's "Warriors of the cloisters".

why does this matter, hints please

It's interesting. Weekend HN sees some slightly different things getting upvotes.

Actually till few weeks ago, there were more physics, astronomy articles being shared on sundays similar to european newspapers' weekend editions focusing on more culture, science etc.

because maybe some people now have theories that would become mainstream in 300 years?

Because curious people like to know about curious things.

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