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> Anyone here on an Android phone ever been hacked?

You must be new, but here's some resources I suggest you review before you go on a crusade in future Apple articles:





Also, keep your bait to other sites like reddit, we don't stand for it here on HN.

I suggest you read the Android Security 2016 Year in Review before posting any further links to blog sites whose primary goal is to post scaremongering articles for click bait. According to Adrian Ludwig there has not been one known successful StageFright exploit in the wild.


> I suggest you read the Android Security 2016 Year in Review

Oh I have, and I am well aware of the links I chose and their accuracy, regardless of you having a different "primary goal" in mind.

Thank you though, but I've got it from here.

FWIW, the Wii U jailbreak is via stagefright. I realize it's not android, but worth noting it has been used in the wild in some capacity.

Interesting. I didn't know the Wii U used Stagefright code. The Switch also uses Android code and was recently hacked using WebKit exploits.

Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone properly simply won't have security problems to deal with.

What difference does any of this make with iOS when we all know the US Gov't can simply access backdoors whenever they please? Don't fall for this security meme.

What does any of this matter when iCloud is a hacker's dream??

And I didn't ask if HN readers' phones CAN be hacked, I simply asked if they WERE asked. F off Elitist troll.

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