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It feels like users don't care about security. Nearly all Android phones are not running a supported OS.[1] As an Android user it appears my only choice is a custom ROM or buying a new device every 2 years.

[1] - https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html#Pl...

If you go with the Pixel, which is basically the iPhone of Android, you'll get a similar to iOS update experience.

You are mistaken. The pixel has the same 2 year support length of the Nexus series.

iPhones are typically supported for 4 years.

Nitpick: Pixel has 3 years of security updates, and 2 years of Android OS updates.

I think you get something like 3 years, not as good as iOS, but by the 4th year, you only get a very crippled version of the newest iOS anyways.

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