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I bought this book [1] a couple years ago to help with the notation, and it's awesome. I've been able to walk through papers that I never would have understood without this rosetta stone.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Mathematical-Notation-Guide-Engineers...

Thank you! I got to the comments to find exactly something like this.

About the post, though, it would be way more constructive if the author would propose a way for people to learn what their lacking instead of just complain about it.

Thank you! I looked for something similar a while ago and came up empty. Whenever I asked math friends the answer was always "there's too much variation so a book couldn't tell you everything", which is probably true but even common things would help.

Someday I'd love to see a similar thing that's simply an operator to function index where you can read in code/pseudocode what an operator does on a (bounded for ease of reading) datatype.

A tool that parses equations in CS papers and outputs pseudocode is an amazing idea!

Thanks, I'll be checking this book out ASAP

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