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Is it relevant anymore ? Most of the javascript developers I know are working with Ember.

Ember? I thought that died after react came out.

react? I thought that died after Vue.js came out.

Vue.js? I thought that died when Angular 4 came out.

Angular 4? I thought that died when Scala.js came out

Scala.js ? I thought that died when inferno came out ?

inferno? I thought that died when riot came out.

riot? I thought that died when Rakun.js came out.

That's why I stick to jQuery 1.2. Ain't neveh goin' nowheh!

I can't wait to retire.

Me too. And I just got started.

I'd like to interject for a moment. Before using vanilla-js, have you tried Svelte, the magical disappearing UI framework? It compiles/transpiles your JavaScript to... vanilla JavaScript and it literally "solves the JavaScript bloat crisis".

Someone on hackernews said it would be the future!

I don't know anyone using Ember. You surely must mean React?

Ember? What the What? Isn't React the cool new kid on the block?

I was wondering the opposite.

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