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"So currently, Chrome is doing the full rendering lifecycle (style, paint, layers) every 16ms when it should be only doing that work at a 500ms interval"

Only? It shouldn't be necessary to layout the entire window to redraw a cursor.

Also, if it did update every 500ms:

- it still would use about half a percent of CPU. On a machine whose CPU easily is >200 times as fast as those powering the first GUIs (and those _could_ blink the caret at less than 100% CPU) and that has a powerful GPU, that's bad (yes, those old-hat systems had far fewer pixels to update, but that's not a good excuse)

- implementing smoother blinking (rendering various shades of gray in-between) would mean going back to 13% CPU.

I would try and hack this by layering an empty textfield on top of the content, just to get a blinking caret. Or is it too hard to make that the right size and position it correctly?

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