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> Powerful* text editors built on the web stack cannot rely on the OS text caret and have to provide their own.

Is there any reason that Electron couldn't provide an API that would expose the system caret in an OS-agnostic manner? Windows, for example, has an API[0] that can arbitrarily show the caret at a given point in the window. Sounds like something that would be useful to many apps and not get in the way for those that don't need it.

[0] https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms6...

Probably not easily. Remember this is what java AWT did and it was a complete mess. Write once debug everywhere.

My favorite issues was that on one OS (windows I think) a panel would only be visible if pixel 0,0 was on the screen and nothing was on top of it. The panel could be 99% visible but not be shown at all if the upper left corner was under another panel.

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