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> There is nothing preventing you from treating an offscreen buffer just like any other buffer of non-dirty pixels.

You need:

1. ability to invert pixels by CSS/JS. No such feature in principle. For many reasons.

2. Even if you will be able to invert those pixels in offscreen bitmap you need to send that window's offscreen bitmap to CPU on each caret blink. You can use tiles - so do partial CPU->GPU data transfer but still.

3. If you use offscreen buffer you are almost always use CPU rasterization. CPU rasterization is O(N) operation, where N is a number of pixels.

On high-dpi monitors (200dpi...300dpi) number of pixels is 4...9 larger than on "standard" 96dpi monitors. And CPU stay roughly the same last 4-6 years. So if you want your app to run on modern hardware - GPU is the only viable option for rendering - forget about offscreen bitmaps and the like.

None of the 3 things you said are true. I recommend you get some experience in rendering before you mislead people too much with these kinds of comments.

In reality the problem is trivial, you set up a scissor rect (or explicitly mask the pixels in your shader) and then render only stuff overlapping that square. You don't need to invert the pixels for it to be fast; you can render an arbitrarily nice cursor effect.

I am not sure I understand why do you need clipping at all to render rectangular caret bar (note: cursor is a different entity in UI professional jargon).

What exactly you want to be clipped out?

I am assuming that your caret bar may be overlapping text in some way, or that there is a background bitmap that you might be alpha-blending against, etc. Basically I don't want to make an assumption that might break if the UI gets nicer. The case of a strictly opaque strictly rectangular non-antialiased non-smoothly-moving bar does not seem very interesting or nice-looking.

Are you speaking about some particular implementation of this all just from your imagination?

You are talking to someone who has done 3D rendering professionally for 21 years. What's your background?

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