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Ask HN: Do you have a side project you want to sell?
98 points by duked on Mar 22, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 99 comments
If you have any side projects that you've built and that you no longer have time for, list them here and let's see if others want to buy it from you.

http://chatible.io - FB Messenger bot to chat with people anonymously. 400k+ users, processes anywhere between 500k to 5 million messages per day depending on the day. Completely organic growth and can be easily expanded to other platforms and potentially monetized. It was also accepted into Facebook's FbStart program.

http://rubeta.com - SMS Fundraising platform for small nonprofits. The product was completed recently, and I haven't begun marketing it yet. Easy monetization.

Both products can be easily expanded, but unfortunately I haven't found the time to do so. Contact in bio.

So over 1/3 of Messengers total users is on chatible? Edit: I'm retarded

Um, Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users.

Last I heard FB Messenger had ~1 billion monthly users.

Messenger has over 1 billion users.

Willing to hear and entertain offers for my startup Commando.io which is SaaS (https://commando.io). Profitable, with solid MRR. Looking for 2.5 - 3.5x annual revenue (so offers > 40k and < 100k just for general magnitude). I'm looking to focus my time, energy, and capital on my new startup (https://elasticbyte.net). Contact info: hello at domain.

2-3x ARR is VERY CHEAP for SAAS tools

This is not true. Prices vary widely, and 2-3x is definitely within range of prices you'd see selling through brokers.

The price also depends on the product/company itself: how stable are revenues, what's churn, how diversified are traffic sources, etc.


Offers please send to b@hern.as :)

Whoa, this is a great tool!

Cant send Spotify -> Youtube. Cant send Spotify -> XLS for free. Uninstall.


It's not making any revenue so any offer will be considered. It's a tool for helping inexperienced founders avoid common mistakes when starting a business with someone, both legally and in terms of making sure you're on the same page. Did it after getting very burned on a business venture because of this.

Got retweeted by some TechCrunch writer and also got to the frontpage (I think) of ProductHunt a while back. But I never got the time to get the product to where I wanted it to be (pay a $49 fee to get a good legally binding agreement based on the data you provided that you can just download, print and sign, and avoid problems and lawyer fees) nor market it properly (I also think it would be great to partner up with people who organize hackatons etc).

Built in Rails, hosted in DigitalOcean.

Email in profile

I would love to sell my portfolio on themeforest. Making about $100k/year in profit (after all expenses e.g. Hosting, support personnel etc...) and has been steadily growing for the last 2-3 years. I am just tired of theme development and want to do something else. I work about 4 hours a week to fix some small bugs from time to time and pretty much that's it. Contact hn@pinsupreme.com

http://imgfave.com - YC company. 100k daily pageviews.

http://backerpass.com - Monthly funding platform for artists and creators. ~$200/month currently going to creators.

http://followfridayapp.com - Web, iOS, Android. Doesn't work currently because Instagram restricted their API. Could be rebranded into an app focused on selecting your own photos (something like 2016bestnine.com).

http://facebook.com/youtubesearchbot - Messenger bot with 25 daily active users. Yeah not a lot, but could be grown if you have another bot to cross-promote with.

Contact info in profile.

Does imgfave make any money? Surprised to hear it's a YC company. I remember it.

Yup, YC S12. It does, but it's hard to cover CDN costs these days. CDN costs have gone up, mostly due to gifs, and ad rates have fallen over the past few years. Never quite got to the size where I could do direct brand deals for higher CPMs.

You are using google cloud storage? That's very expensive (as is cloudfront) since they charge for requests. Try KeyCDN/maxCDN/edgecast (via a reseller) which doesn't charge for requests and with cheaper bandwidth pricing

Is backerpass growing/shrinking/steady?

Only have a few creators on board but they will likely stick around since it's a meaningful amount of money for them. Since this kind of thing really only works for creators will a decent size fan-base, my strategy so far has been to reach out to people directly via email, explain how it works, helping them setup their page, help them launch it to their audience, etc. While that process could be improved, with something like this I think that's inevitable for awhile until word-of-mouth starts growing. I'd say it's a good starting point if you're looking to launch a Patreon-style crowdfunding service, but it might make sense to take what I've built and focus on a particular niche (Youtubers? Open Source projects?) and add features that work well for that niche.

imgfave uses shady pop-unders? first and last time visited. surprised that's a YC co

Yeah popunders suck, but doing what I can to cover costs right now. Have a lot of users that would much rather that than imgfave being shut down. That said, plan to remove those as soon as I find a better ad network.

Given that is the case, the business is worth close to $0

I'm going to repost from the last thread (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12892473):

StartOpz (http://www.startopz.com):

Workday-lite (really lite) for small businesses. Individual components such as time-off tracking and expense reports all have sites on there dedicated to them individually that seem to do well. This covers all of them and could use somebody who has time to dedicate to (content) marketing.


Never knew how to market it

http://draftutility.com/ - Daily Fantasy sports research utility that uses visual guides to accurately estimate performances. It also helps simulate lineups that optimize salary cap usage and projected score.

I have a cute natural language data analysis tool. It turns sentences into pivot tables.


It really wants to be wrapped up into some sort of product, but I'm not quite sure what :)

This is really really cool. What's the backend stack like if you don't mind me asking? I was thinking of implementing something like this for Daily Fantasy Sports stats...kinda like https://www.statmuse.com

I think it's a nifty tool but you need to find a better way to describe what it is and what it does.

I'd consider selling LiberWriter - http://www.liberwriter.com - to the right person. Built with Rails, makes some money. Contact info in my profile.

Designed, built and launched a mobile ICD-10 & ICD-9 iOS app for physicians, clinical staff and medical billers.

For those of you not familiar with ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) is the standard for diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances, and external causes of injury or diseases for purposes of clinical documentation and billing.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icd-10-diagnoses-codes-icd-x...

I built a basic YouTube clone in Erlang that I currently only use in my home network. I've often wondered how much I could make if I came up with some flashy logo and name and tried to monetize it.

I don't know what infrastructure youtube has, but I work in the same building with another known "youtube clone" from Europe and they are spread on 7-8 floors and have a lot of remote infrastructure. (serious question) How can you realistically compete in this area with a basic youtube clone ? From my point of view, the infrastructure and operational costs dwarf the development costs.

They're the clear market winner but some companies might need an internal youtube clone or might need to adapt a similar system that they would find his useful for. But hey if it has enough bells and whistles it could be the facebook to myspace.

The nice thing (at least from my admittedly-fairly-ad-hoc experience) about video processing is that it scales fairly linearly, at least for the basic features.

Things like building a scalable transcoding cluster can be made fairly simple ("just add more boxes") using a decent message-queue service. From there, everything is pretty simple HTTP.

Of course, this is only the very barebones stuff, and covering all of Youtube's features exhaustively would be quite difficult, and requires some good Machine Learning work.

Partly related anecdote: I did some contract work some years ago for a startup (Tellytopia, later acquired by Concurrent Systems) that was into the video over IP space. Video transcoding was a part of the project, but I didn't work on that, which was in C++. I worked on some of the surrounding parts, in Python with XML-RPC, talking to Java, across machines. I remember that all or most functions in the app were XML-RPC-enabled, so that they could be located in different machines, which must have helped somewhat with scaling.

I work on data science. I also had an idea around youtube. Want to have a chat?

Sure, you can email me at thomas@gebert.sexy (yes, really).

I know of at least one film production and distribution company that would like to have their own video platform, but got quoted huge up front costs by web devs who don't really know video anyway.

The key to selling this though is to be able to customize to their needs, provide support and SLAs etc...

Hard work in all likelihood.

I'd turn it into something that's like a video dating site :D

Allow people to white label your YT clone and charge subscription fees monthly or for PPV. Let sports team etc sell the rights to their content directly.

http://dev.convos.org/ - anonymous structured conversations for your team

reach out to rolando [at] bandd.co if you're interested

I finished my first ever website prototype, nothing special, minimum file processing. But I did not deploy it, I tried first to put the domain on sale on SEDO and they suggest I should sell it for over 10k for it. But I also searched other domain extensions using the same one word, and those are also worth over 10k, so its hard to believe that the domain is really valuable. In a week I got 100 views.

I don't really want to sell, but nor do I have the strength to continue right now. I'm on a break, for as long as I want.

https://www.statsglitch.com - SASS, which allow you to detect Google Analytics anomalies, traffic rise / drop and makes beautiful and grouped daily alerts. You can select what exact metrics to track, confidence interval and a few more custom stuff. Successfully used by a few people (including myself), now don't have much time/knowledge in marketing. Email is in my profile or aminas @ domain


I've got a database of over 2k locations searched and over 27k days of weather searched.

Must have some advertising value ... ?

Site has been live for ~6months

People seem to love it for wedding planning: https://www.reddit.com/r/weddingplanning/comments/5y8dwp/web...

Open to selling http://quickpages.co since I haven't had much time lately. Free landing page generator with a lot of potential, launched late last year and currently has 900 users, with about 10 new signups per day on average.

Does not earn anything yet because it is a free service, but for a few more features it would be possible to charge for it. It is made using Laravel.

What would you be looking to get for it?

I'd listen to offers for my WordPress plugins business QuipCode (http://quipcode.com). Solid software, OK sales just never marketed it and not sure the best way to do so.

I also have http://buyindiegames.com right now just a basic blog but I think it has loads of potential for someone with a bit more time.

You can email me at jamie [at] quipcode.com

https://repo0.com/ - Unlimited Git hosting using your Google Drive account.

Just getting started on marketing.

Cool, simple idea.

If you don't mind answering, how many users do you have?

I feel like for making money, you could pitch the solution to Google and ideally get them to buy it.

Thanks! Its only recently released and I'm beginning to work on marketing now so the user numbers are really just friends of mine (like less than 50).

What's the reason to use this rather than use bitbucket?

I appreciate the question. I totally agree that bitbucket is the main competition in the free git hosting space.

My best answer to that is that Repo0 is only limited by the amount of storage you have on your Google drive account. I have 1TB of space on Google Drive which is a lot more than you can store on bitbucket. There is also no limit on number of users, teams or sharing.

A different answer is that with Repo0 your data is not walled off on a server. You can see the data, download it and see when the app makes changes to it.

I'm interested. How could I contact you?


I particularly like your tool!

Thanks! Did you try to sign up? I would appreciate any feedback you have.

After creating a new (second) repo: 404 for https://repo0.com/static/dart/app.html

Ah the correct url is: https://repo0.com/app.html

I will push a fix shortly.


"Augmented reality for web testers"

Lets testers & whole teams track their progress, also provides analysis for manager/team to rebalance test efforts. Helps ID holes in manual & automated test scripts.

It's a Google Chrome plugin.

Zero customers. I have too many other projects that I'm pursuing & no time to market it.

Provisional patent filed.

Contact: service at goldcreekgroup dot com

https://snapdrop.net had 20k views within first day of launch and 500k in the first year

Boy, that landing sure could use additional marketing copy.

https://teen-quotes.com. I never found the time to promote it properly

Who can I email about a possible acquisition?


https://uggabooga.com/ - gets about 100-150 views a day. Makes about $200 a month in profit. We sell fashion accessories for men and women. Lots of potential to grow, just not interested anymore. Looking to get 2-4K for it. Email is alewish2196@gmail.com

Why is everything $0?

Open to selling my chrome extension Vaux (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vaux-tab/jjkichgfi...) Great reviews, 150+ users. I will also commit to 3 months of development after sale.

https://iconverticons.com/ https://iconverticons.com/online/

~3000 DAU

Things are going well, mostly don't have time to maintain the offline OS specific apps right now.

Willing to share revenue numbers if seriously interested.

https://edini.net/ - you can customize different products (mugs, phone cases, puzzles, ...). Its in Slovenian language, but can easily be multilang. I would sell everything (website, inventory, sublimation machine, printer, molds, ..). Build on WordPress+WooCommerce.

Yes, but I know it is going to be very difficult to find someone willing to pay as much as I expect for the time I spent developing it (1 year full time + 1 year part time). So, it will be always mine until I decided its time to kill it forever.


http://choosejarvis.com -- social media scheduling tool with content recommendations powered by buzzsumo. 1k MRR steady for the past 6 months or so. Written in PHP. Very stable. would sell in a heartbeat for 50k and would consider lower offers.

How do you manage to get the posts from Facebook? I thought they shut down their public API - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/public_feed

the tool seems nice and I think I heard of it before. Is it only 6 months old? I am surprised you don't make more than 1k/month.

http://easyendorse.com/ - Allows websites to collect & display testimonials; great for companies who have had challenges with Yelp/etc.

No traffic/users; I basically built it and learned that I had no interest in sales/marketing.

Email in profile.


Reach out and let's chat

This has potential... but without a lower price point and the ability to run some free testing against it I think user growth will be severely constrained.

Selling my banner ad network cpmly.com which makes $4,000 in revenue per month and has over 350 users. It gets about 3 mio ad impressions per day/ 90 mio per month. The fixed costs are like $80 per month only for the server. Send me an email for more information: mail@cpmly.com

If you are selling it, why are you sending out spam e-mails asking people to join?

I got an e-mail from forwardingservice@mail.whoisprivacyservice.org

If you are sending these advertisements - which i don't mind if you actually have something good to offer - then you should really not try to hide who you are.

I also doubt that any quality sites will join random ad-networks. That's just the hard reality of the current market.

I am already using Adsense, and I often have problems with fraudulent, and just general shitty ads showing up on my site. If Google Adsense has problems keeping out the junk, even in light of their strict rules and ways to report ads, then surely it will be near impossible for a small startup network to stay clean, and only accept quality publishers.

It actually makes me quite angry when people like you, jump into a project, without first doing what's necessary to at least provide the same quality as existing industry leaders.

You started this in January if I'm not mistaken, right?

Yes correct, I have to sell it because of another bigger project.

Could I ask you why are selling it?

https://www.themejuice.it - Desktop app for local WP development. Been focusing on other projects and have recently shifted away from WP development. Open to entertaining offers. Contact details in profile.

http://takeafive.com - Productivity tool that allows you to open a self-destructing tab during breaks. Solid and steady user base. Profitable, but haven't monetized much yet. contact: cole@takeafive.com


We're closing down on April 30th.

Can I ask why you're shutting down? Do you have customers?

Ecommerce dropship site - https://www.rusticsportsman.com. Profitable. Email info@rusticsportsman and we can chat :)

I hope this is ok to post but I would love to buy a project that is hopefully making a little bit of money. My sweet spot is 2k-5k USD per month in profit. I do have some specific requirements in terms of the type of projects. My profile has details.

http://www.companycarpool.com/ No profit so far but interest from many company, some from fortune 500. Easy to set up. Considering to release it open source

1001tweets, a web app to repeat your tweets to get more clicks. More than 10 paying customers. http://www.1001tweets.com/

You can contact me at hello AT 1001tweets DOT com


Print tweets on t-shirts, got bored, built this. Haven't put much marketing into it, but I'm sure someone who does could make some money.

Super simple todo list, done nothing with it (except use it). Never marketed it, works quite well though. https://fivethings.today/


Amazon Seller Analytics Software

Haven't really had time to work on it but its a great niche and the backend is solid (built in Laravel).

I'm interested. How can I contact you?


http://onemodel.org Details at site. I will hopefully continue but am not currently doing it justice.

http://tweet-a-lot.com/ Gamifying twitter for your brand. Good for gigs and music events.

https://www.dealomni.com - domain and source code $2k


Earning 92/mo avg. on flippa for auction rn

tixyy.com (site is offline) - an event ticketing platform with multiple viral ticket selling features built in, think mini eventbrite. Ran it for a couple years with real money coming in.

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