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I have created the SAM Pattern [1] (State/Action/Model) based on my interpretation of TLA+. The goal is to make the semantics available to developers. Why not writing code as close as possible to the way it would be specified?

SAM can also be used for stateful API/Microservice orchestrations [2]

If you want a slightly more formal introduction to SAM and its relationship to TLA+ (again, based on my own interpretation) I gave this lecture last month [3].

[1] http://sam.js.org

[2] http://www.ebpml.org/blog15/2015/06/designing-a-reliable-api...

[3] http://cloudsentinel.com/sam-state-machines-and-computation....

You wonder if there are code generation possibilities...

Actually, TLA+ (again the way I understand it), after nearly 20 years of MDSE, convinced me that I would very rarely need to generate code. It's a much better value proposition to write correctly factored code. TLA+ is one of the most amazing element of Computer Science. Everyone who writes code should have at least a basic understanding of it.

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