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Cell phones are excluded from the ban, according to the article.

For now. According to the article.

interestingly, you see airlines moving away from in-flight entertainment screens in the seat in front of you, in favor of BYOD. A logical move: let the clients bring their equipment (they bring it anyway) so you don't have to (install, maintain, spend fuel on, etc.).

Now with airlines actually removing in flight entertainment, flying from the Middle East to New York can be quite a long trip: no laptop to watch a movie, no screen in front of you.

I guess the US will stop banning as soon as one of these policy-makers is on the same flight as a few bored kids ;-)

Maybe people will have to read books?!

True, it some like myself can't read on a plane due to motion sickness. Watching a video is fine, but not focusing on text.

My mum noticed that if she sets her kindle to 2 or so sizes larger text, she doesn't get motion sick any more.

I've never finished reading more than a page in a moving car without feeling nauseous.

Yes. I love to read books on a 17 hour flight instead of being able to watch TV shows, work on programming problems offline or the countless other productive things that a laptop can provide.

That would be great if airlines provided standard power outlets and/or USB ports.

Canada Air does! It's great.

Trump will flip-flop on this mercurially 7x before breakfast while watching the "PDB" on TV (aka Fox and Friends).

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