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The linux kernel has so much more intellectual property to steal than your web app/phone app/sql queries. If your code is that valuable someone will buy your company. Everything out can be recreated. What can't be recreated is getting there first... Do yourself a favor, get there first, and fight to be first... All that myspace/friendster code isn't worth much if you don't get there first...and keep at it.

I've heard a story about SV startup (onsite) employees stealing their startup's code base and launching their own company with it. It turned out to be more successful than the original one, which eventually tanked. The owners tried going to court, but they didn't have enough proof to get a search warrant (or whatever the proper legal term is here) for their fraudulent competition.

BTW this also shows that having on-site employees is not a protection against frauds/thieves...

I'm developing a desktop app. Access to the source code would make it much easier to crack.

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