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I see comments like this all the time. What people have to realize is all these shithole companies would act like this if they can. In the south, you can hear the same story time and time again with Time Warner Cable -- "Man when <insert anything else> comes, I won't be a TWC customer anymore." What needs to happen is the monopolies need to die and we need fair competition in the broadband space. This has been proven where Google made a footprint. All of a sudden, in fiber towns, AT&T or Verizon, or TWC started to offer decent speeds at the price. 50 dollar internet was actually worth it.

Anyways, these companies are all the same. They will milk it as long as they can until they are forced to change.

To be fair, Charter seems like the best of a bad lot. They generally get pretty good customer satisfaction ratings (especially compared to Time Warner and Comcast).

I live in a Time Warner area, and thus far I've been very happy with the Charter acquisition.

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