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Looking for SRE and devops to join RankScience – Build a CDN (remote welcome)
on Mar 21, 2017 | hide
RankScience sells a CDN solution to SEO automation. Companies use RankScience to increase their search traffic without having to think about SEO.

We're in the latest YC batch (W17). Our engineering team is growing, and we're looking for SRE & devops help. We want to scale up our product to be able to handle 2 billion requests per day, and we want help building our engineering culture and infrastructure.

Why this job matters:

You’ll get to build a CDN! How often does that happen? Our product has high demands for scalability, reliability, and security, and this role will play a critical role in delivering these benefits to our customers.

What you’ll learn at RankScience:

Learn about building a startup, a product, and an engineering team from an early stage. We’re sure there are lots of learnings within ops and automation, but we have plenty of opportunities to be involved in other areas of the company too.

What you’ll do:

- Build a highly-available, low-latency reverse-proxy CDN and manage its deployment and infrastructure

- Automate deployments to AWS: EC2, ELB, Route 53, DynamoDB; you’ll have an opportunity to build deployment automation over CloudFormation; we like troposphere

- Identify and fix performance problems; latency is a concern for our customers

- Secure deployment environments via dedicated instances and VPCs; security is a critical aspect of our business and your contributions here will be crucial

- Ensure 24/7 uptime; our customers rely on us to proxy their traffic and our first concern is delivering their traffic Design and use instrumentation to help identify and fix performance problems

Bonus points:

- NodeJS

- Functional programming (Clojure, PureScript, TypeScript)

- Securing AWS infrastructure

Cool fact about RS #1: We’re bringing tech into the SEO industry, which is a highly technical industry but doesn’t really leverage tech that well.

Cool fact about RS #2: We’re growing fast! All aspects of our company are growing, and we’re looking for people who want a dynamic work environment to grow with us as well.

Cool fact about RS #3: Lots of infrastructure scaling problems!

If interested or if you have any questions, email max@rankscience.com with a brief blurb about yourself.

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