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Show HN: Bugg.ly – Manage all your bug's and user suggestions in one place (bugg.ly)
9 points by nadermx on Mar 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Hey Hacker News, We made bugg.ly to solve a problem we have been having with our side projects and growing projects. Having to set up a email sometimes for each and then dealing with buggs and suggestions gets a bit complicated. Tried to simplify this process by making it a easy to paste footer link for each project and one admin panel for them with no barrier for entry for the user to suggest something.

  [$interpolate:interr] Can't interpolate: {{ vm.TL('form.username_placeholder') }}
    ReferenceError: langs is not defined
    at vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:3
    at Function.yf.interr (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:7)
    at l.exp (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:5)
    at Object.pre (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:5)
    at vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:3
    at va (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:5)
    at n (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:4)
    at g (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:4)
    at g (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:4)
    at n (vendor.bd1dc7a8.js:4)

We are looking at that right now. Thanks.

The issue was fixed. Thank you

Ironically, Buggly seems a bit... buggy. This is what I see when I click on the link: http://imgur.com/a/5xUAz

Now tell me, where would I report this?

That is odd. On the footer there should be the link showing up to report any bugg

Also, gone ahead and fixed that, thank you

Error messages appear to be in Spanish: http://i.imgur.com/1ixYNUK.png

thanks, updating that tomorrow when I wake up

This does look interesting

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