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SimplCommerce: Simple, cross-platform, modularized ecommerce system on .NET Core (github.com)
86 points by maherjend 306 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

This is great! Congratulations on shipping!! You should add "Show HN " prefix to your title, since this looks like a show and tell.

I checked out the demo site and the Admin Dashboard. Seems to have everything needed to host an ecommerce site... except, I didn't find any payment gateway integration. Even checked http://demo.simplcommerce.com/Admin#/configuration and didn't find it.

Any plans to integrate payment gateway or API (ex Stripe ) in the near future, or was I not looking in the right place?

Thank you! P.S. Any recommendations for hosting this? Can this be deployed on Amazon Lambda? Or will I need Azure? How about traditional hosts like DiscountASP.Net? Any pro and cons you are aware of?

My first thought was to check the source for how they're handling credit card data, payments, and gateways. I can't find any of it... Skipping those bits makes ecommerce _a lot_ easier to build!

I second parent's suggestion here though, Stripe API is a great place to start.

Yep, I looked at the Repo on Github and it lists Payments on their roadmap after v1.0.0.


Great stuff, I love seeing what people are building with .NET Core. I feel like I'm getting much closer to the point that I could confidently commit to building a greenfields project for a client in it.

Are there any parts of the project you could highlight as being much harder or easier as a result of building it in .NET Core over, say, .NET 4.6?

I've been trying to port an existing .NET 4.6 ASP.NET project to .NET Core. So far there are 2 major problems:

1. entity framework core code first does not support table per type inheritance, which makes database migration necessary

2. some libraries do not support .NET Core yet

Adopting and porting to .NET Core will become a ton easier, later this year. .NET Core 2.0 will add a ton of .NET Framework APIs.

These APIs are almost entirely coming from .NET Standard 2.0. See the jump in APIs in this table[1].

We often get asked if this is going against the promise of a light-weight development platform. Answer: not really. The new APIs are not being added to a single library, but several, including new ones. We will be updating our publishing tools to make it easier publish apps w/only the libraries you need. We are also looking at going one step further, which is publishing only the IL you need (intra-assembly optimization).

I am spending the week presenting at two Microsoft conferences in Europe (Milan, Amsterdam). I heard very similar feedback on EF yesterday in Milan. I will be passing this off to the EF team.

FYI: I'm a .NET Core team member.

[1] https://github.com/dotnet/standard/blob/master/docs/faq.md#i....

I recently stumbled on QOR (http://getqor.com - https://github.com/qor/qor), which is a set of libs in Go that you can quickly build a webshop with. QOR seems to use a combination of vanilla-JS and jQuery, where SimplCommerce uses Angular.

Good to see these efforts, as some of the more popular open source e-commerce systems are showing their age (often aggravated by the underlying languages/ecosystems showing their age as well).

the platform, also listed at https://www.ecommwar.com/

there are almost all open-source ecommerce platforms

Nice find. I'm still trying to find a good on-prem solution after Lemonstand v1 went abandonware.

thanks this will really help me.

Very useful info for me! I'm just planning to build a website to sell my handmade jewelry. I've been selling my designer's clothing through Etsy and Vinted. I guess that my business will benefit from a separate website. I gonna use a wordpress ecommerce theme (from this resource - https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-ecommerce-themes/ )

As a .NET developer it's nice to see projects like these. On the other hand I had looked at this a while back and my impression of the data model (specifically the Product class) was not great.


Price, OldPrice, SpecialPrice, special price start and end dates properties are less than ideal for any non-trivial implementation. Prices should be driven by policies, not defined in the product itself (IMO.)

It's "super simple". There's one pricing policy and it's hardcoded. As layers of abstraction are added in support of richer features, so too is complexity and hence "not-so super simple".

i am about to start a e-commerce website. i was going to use nopcommerce but they will move to .net core in next release which is far away and i really wonder which would be better to improve me also maintain the website with minimum effort.

I'm always pleased to see ecommerce thats more simple than Magento et al.

Good luck!

I really like this! I'll keep an eye on it for now :)

Well done, I will follow this.


Well, if you had actually read the page, you'd see it also supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. In addition, it's open source so you could implement your own data store. Finally, I don't see why SQL Server is somehow irrelevant to the 'Hacker News crowd'; it's a very good RDBMS.

Fun thing I did on the weekend: Install mssql-server-linux into a Docker container on my Windows workstation.


Just saying...

There is no prohibition against commercial software on HN. The criteria, if I recall correctly, is simply that it is intellectually stimulating.

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