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Show HN: KV Personal Accounting web app (amazonaws.com)
2 points by naissur 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

KV Accounting is a predictable personal accounting app.

Its main features are:

- Double-entry bookkeeping

- Simple, easy-to-use adaptive design

- Correct, error-less recurrent transactions

All the development is done on GitHub (https://github.com/kv-key-value/accounting).

Woah, that domain name.

Also, I got kinda sidetracked looking into this StandardFile thing -- can I just use localstorage or something if I don't want to figure out what's going on with that?


Sure, selecting localStorage as main storage would be a good option. StandardFile provides security and encryption, that's all :)

Thanks for the feedback!

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