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SwatchOS: Not a Smart Decision (mondaynote.com)
15 points by KKKKkkkk1 on Mar 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Pebble had its own OS, the various fitness trackers have their own OS, I don't necessarily see things as grim as the author makes them out to be.

Especially if it lets the device last longer than 24-48 hours on a single charge.

Pebble is dead anyway.

I will never use a smartwatch that won't last 4-5 days without charging.

It is the sole reason I gave in and got a Pebble; and now that my watch's hardware broke and the company was absorbed, I don't plan on buying another smartwatch unless I get an offer as good as that.

To achieve what they did, Pebble went with a low resolution screen and a low-power microcontroller with their own OS. If Swatch wants to do the same, they have my attention.

I had the Pebble until they were absorbed and my watch just started having all kinds of issues. Replaced it with the Forerunner 630 (for a steal at $200).

While not really a smartwatch (its geared towards runners) it does what I want. Notifications, vibrating alarm, customizable faces, tracks my steps, tracks my sleeping.

And it can go at least 12 days off a charge if just doing the above (no GPS tracking). I charged at 30% so you could probably get another 4-5 days out of that 30%.

I do! Is there any good article that explains the idea and failure of this project?

Yes, it was a pretty cool idea.

Not me.

With that kind of ambition, Swatch really missed their best change on accomplishing it: they should have bought Pebble.

Maybe they kind still buy relevant parts...

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