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Gabe Rivera and Techmeme (buzzfeed.com)
53 points by stephenc_c_ 187 days ago | hide | past | web | 18 comments | favorite

Gabe Rivera is hilarious on Twitter, if you enjoy "clever asshole" humor a la Maciej Ceglowski's schtick: https://twitter.com/gaberivera

Behind the veneer of snark, he's also a very smart commentator on the biz.

Techmeme River is one of my bookmarks for keeping a pulse on what's happening: http://techmeme.com/river

Gabe, Maciej and Jason Hirschhorn all have a "ill build the product i want to use every day, feedback and scaling be damned" attitude, and I love it.

Gabe is the man. Fun fact: We hired some great people through Techmeme's pretty clever who's hiring in tech section.

I can't stand his personality on Twitter but techmeme is useful. I suspect, as this article touch on, he is not as mean spirited in meat space.

Even though tech is my primary passion, I find I use his Memeorandum site (for political news) way more than I ever used Techmeme. For me, the front page of this site serves my tech news needs better than any other.

EDIT: Didn't mean to be off topic. Put another way, "If you really like Techmeme, don't miss Memeorandum for politics."

I am new to the scene and definitely gonna bookmark Techmeme. So basically, if my understanding from skimming the article is accurate, TM is very similar to HN except that they have a team hand-selecting the articles rather than relying on a vote system?

Techmeme mostly has human curation and a little bit of automation, though it is hard to tell from the outside how much that factors in. Human curators also rename article titles to provide a summary of the contents in an attempt to save you a click if you don't want more detailed information.

Isn't the other way around? Mostly algo / automation with a layer or curation? At least that's how I think it used to work, maybe that's changed.

At the very least it seems like the clustering is algorithmic and "most" of the ranking.

Source: Too lazy to look up the 6 year old article that I kinda remember talking about this.

techmeme is like drudgereport. a small team posting hyperlinks to what you should consider most important.

the river is a chronology http://www.techmeme.com/river

Have loved TechMeme since the beginning. Awesome product. My only dig is that it is not very useful until about 10-11am PST. After that, I check it a 3-5 times per day.

Any insight about the technology stack Techememe is using or any other technical article about how they crawl & rank news? TKS!

It's done manually. They have editors who select news. You can tip news stories via Twitter.

I'd love to have a Techmeme for the finance industry.

I am building an engine that might be able to power it. E-mail me (see my profile) and I will be able to help get this off the ground.

LOVE Techmeme! & Gabe's quirky funny post on twitter is awesome lol Shoutout 2 Techmeme & Gabe!

Just realized that I'm commenting on a post about an article about a person who republishes news articles from other sites. Deep.

Every medium has a tendency to create work about itself, the subject its makers understand the best. Hollywood does La la land. Buzzfeed covers Techmeme. Novelists write novels about novelists writing novels: Misery, The Sportswriter, half of Philip Roth, some of Joyce.

Just in case this wasn't meta enough, his twitter linked in comments here now references this thread as Important thread on how I'm an "asshole", how deep can this recurse?


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