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> In the past we've replaced unskilled labor with new unskilled roles, and I don't see those roles hanging around anymore.

The sad reality is that there's a nontrivial chunk of the populace that isn't able to pick up highly skilled roles. It also ignores the role of unskilled jobs in providing space for people whose job class has been destroyed and need to retrain (or mark time until retirement).

I'm not advocating slowing innovation to prevent job loss. I am advocating avoiding magic thinking ('there's always new jobs to go to'): we need to start a serious conversation about what we do with our society when we have the levels of unemployment we can expect in an AI-shifted world. Right now we're trending much more towards dystopia than utopia.

ahem basic income

Rich economies could (barely?) afford that, how could mismanaged economies afford a basic income given they don't have much in the way of economic might to afford a basic income. Think Indonesia, Bangladesh.

I keep pointing out that Bucky Fuller calculated that we could pretty much take care of everyone on Earth while working ten hours a week if we just applied the technology we have in an efficient manner. (By the mid-1970's he claimed.)

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