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Show HN: Extensible framework to manage Microservices/Multirepos in pure shell (github.com)
33 points by ahmadassaf on Mar 19, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Great work!

I would like to invite you to add your concepts to GitAlias. I'm the maintainer and I see much value in microservices.

See https://github.com/gitalias

Thanks a lot for your feedback and its great that you see value in this contribution. I will definitely be adding those to GitAlias in the near future

Very cool. I really, really wish there was multi-repo PR support in Bitbucket and/or GitHub.

Interestingly enough, here's a discussion from 2012 on GitHub on Gitlab on this particular topic (as it relates to Gitlab) https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/issues/1298

similar to this have you checked out https://www.zenhub.io .. those guys built an agile board on top of Github where you can have a PR and then link that PR to various issues.

However, something i see that can be done with the current script is to automate the process of opening a PR that cross multiple repos. A command that similar to `git flow` will flip various branches in various repos that match maybe a certain regex .. and then allow user to input the PR details (maybe based on a PR template as well) and then submit those to Github. On success, it will again add comment on each PR with a link to the other issues so that you have the Github issue reference link in there.

I am not yet sure if that is feasible but it seems an interesting thing to do and worth looking at

    > We currently have a good 50+ git repository. Developing features affect very often more than one of these repos. 
Isn't this just a monolith by another name?

not really .. i believe it depends on what you really define as microservice. If we think at microservices as completely independent services that a change in them should not affect the system as a whole then i agree with you. However, very often, a microservice is independent but still tightly coupled in terms of logic with the rest of the ecosystem, so a change in that microservice out format for example will require other services that communicate with it to adapt to this change.

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