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Show HN: OS – GitHub issues to help beginners make their first pull request (now.sh)
97 points by bukinoshita on Mar 19, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

As someone who spent 2yrs trying to figure out how FOSS projects work, I would like to extend help to any newcomer who is interested in contributing to FOSS projects, I have one of my own which you can contribute to,

Feel free to contact me, repo: https://github.com/thewhitetulip/Tasks

email sapatil@live.com

Mozilla has https://www.joshmatthews.net/bugsahoy/

Feel free to contribute!

I saw something, but the filters didn't work. Tried a reload, now it's 500.

It would be nice to see the project on the card also... Not sure if that was a design decision, but its really unclear to just have something like 'Add react' as the title without a little more info.

This looks nice, but it's not clear to me what it actually does. Is it just a list of github issues with first-time-only tags?

I would add some about information to make it clearer to the user what the benefit of this app is.

Yep, seems to be helping out with this idea: http://www.firsttimersonly.com/

I'm guessing HN has killed this? I see a load of filters I can't change as well as tiles with placeholders instead of data...

yup. can't change language or anything else, which makes this kinda useless. :(

Filters don't work, but idea is nice :)

Unfortunately this was due rate limit on Github

500 Internal Server Error.

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