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The literal worst of vimrc is the _default_ settings of many Linux distributions these days. Colors are fine, but _behavior_-changing stuff is not. I would be happier if package installers included a brief configurator as part of installation.

Do you want to use tabs when you press tab, or spaces? If spaces, then _how many_?

Do you want to automatically (infuriatingly IMO) continue comments and completely wreck the ability to paste text without also _telling_ vim that you intend to paste via the `set paste` command?

Simple stuff like that, you know?

Ahhh good old 'set paste'. The setting that has turned away so many. When I watch a novice coworker struggle with vim, the breaking point usually comes when they try to paste directly into insert node. That may be the most valuable of all commands in this discussion.

Does vim 8 still not have bracketed paste by default?


Bracketed paste appears to be a third party plugin. I have no reason to believe it is has been rolled into an official Vim release.

Tabs vs spaces should be a per-project setting, not per-user setting. For that: http://editorconfig.org/ (there's a vim plugin: https://github.com/editorconfig/editorconfig-vim)

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