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Another good books to suggest are books written by Harry Lorayne[0]. You could also see his demonstrations in youtube. His books were published long before Moonwalking with Einstein, most of them are similar to Lorayne's system and I would recommend it for those who want to improve and train further on memorizing things.

Also for those who want a book that demonstrates the use of creating a memory palace, I would recommend The Memory Palace - Learn Anything and Everything[1]. You'll just learn the 37 plays of Shakespeare wherein almost of the descriptions were funny.

I also listen to a free audiobook Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It by William Walker Atkinson[2].

[0] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Lorayne

[1] - https://www.amazon.com/Memory-Palace-Anything-Everything-Sha...

[2] - https://librivox.org/memory-how-to-develop-train-and-use-it-...

+1 for Harry Lorayne. I learned how to memorize long lists, numbers, dates, as well as decks of cards (backward, forward, by card number or if given a card, I'd call it's number in the deck). Fun stuff, and quite useful too.

And +1 for William Walker Atkinson. That man has written so much it's incredible.

Also highly recommended by Mr. Atkinson: The Power of Concentration (under his pen name Theron Q. Dumont) .

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