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Ask HN: Is the source code for HN freely available?
8 points by trix 2700 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite
If someone is interested in starting a HN clone but for different content/subject matter can the HN source be d/l'd? if so, where? thanks

Unless you know or plan to learn about lisp, it can be hard for you to maintain or modify the code. I am building an HN clone in Python (I'll probably make a PHP/SQL version too) and will open-source it in a couple of months. Stay tuned.

maxwin, when you have your PHP/mySQL version make sure you let me know so's I can use it

There were a couple of clones, but none took off really. The most prolific one seems to be newmogul.com by nickb, focused on business and economics. Nickb has all but disappeared since, and Newmogul is no more, but some of the patrons moved on to http://markenomics.com.

HN is written in PG's own dialect of lisp, http://arclanguage.org and source code for vanilla version of the site is included with arc distribution. There's no reason not to hack together a clone and get a taste of the language.

I don't have it off hand, but search http://searchyc.com/

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