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Show HN: Find samosas near me (try on mobile) (samosasnearme.com)
9 points by lappet on Mar 18, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I kinda had doubts clicking on the link, but the results are pretty accurate for me.

I live in a suburb outside of Toronto, Canada that has a lot of east Asian food options. I assumed that the search would be US-centric.

Nice work.

Hey there, thanks for trying it out. It uses Yelp's API, so it will work only in countries where Yelp has a presence.

Very cool! Can we include custom search? I want to search for pancakes, boba or bikes you know

Yes, that can be done

I had doubts clicking on the link and they were justified. No results in Sydney.

Sorry :( this uses Yelp's API.

What do you use in Sydney?

I'd try aggregating the various food deliveries like Ubereats, Foodora, Menulog, Deliveroo etc.

However I was being tougue in cheek, with a 20m population it probably not worth focusing on Australia first. Wait until you are a unicorn.

I apologize, but this will only work in countries where Yelp has a presence

doesn't work in india (: have to find smaosas myself

what about the metric system? just use km's like everyone else!

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