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Show HN: Butter, a low contrast color scheme for reading code all day (github.com)
41 points by dongslol on Mar 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

I get around this problem by using cheap computers where low contrast is built into the monitor.

Same, the Thinkpad's crappy monitor is a great unintentional feature.

I don't know why but low contrast, dark themes strain my eyes more than their counter part.

Wondering if it's because I have astigmatisms in both eyes - I'm sure I've read somewhere that's the case but cannot remember where.

I used to have astigmatism in both eyes. After three rounds of laser I don't.

I throughout strongly prefer high contrast schemes -- indeed I don't like any syntax colouring at all.

I'd like to see that article if you can find it. I admit as a sample size of one I might be aberrant but if not, then the effect you describe (if it exists) might have a neurological basis as well.

I've found a layman's piece but there's more academic material too:


Also mentions that despite 20/20 vision from LASIK, contrast sensitivity may not return.

I don't think we are alone :)

I prefer medium to high contrast. If it gets too low, it gets hard to read.

Why not high contrast + low brightness?

Has the added benefit that opening google doesn't burn out your eyes and you can still see in sunlight too, when you turn up the brightness.

The best theme for my eyes Yang light https://github.com/11111000000/tao-theme-emacs

When I am having trouble focusing on work, over the years I've found kicking everything into grayscale really helps me get more done. Since learning to code, though, I haven't found a good grayscale solution to syntax highlighting. This looks like it has just enough, thanks for sharing!

I also used it for quite some time. Switching back to Leuven now and then.

The theme that I've found to be the most pleasant on the eyes is toothpaste http://imcatnoone.github.io/toothpaste/

I'm using base16 ocean-dark theme and it's pretty similar.

This looks like the ACME editor color scheme, but in reverse video.

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