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Mass Effect, Last of Us, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Portal, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy.

Mass Effect 1-3 is one of the greatest space epics of all time. Seriously, amazing.

The Last of Us is just perfect storytelling, a true last hurrah to that generation.

Uncharted is straight up living the life of Indiana Jones in modern day, in the most AMAZING set pieces ever.

Metal Gear Solid, I don't even know how to begin. From the first game to the last, the vision, the scope, the insane story, the even more insane characters. It's the alpha and the omega in storytelling, and presentation.

God of War has the most insane boss battles.

Portal is just the most unique IP, totally different than anything else.

Metroid Prime brings Metroid into 3D PERFECTLY.

Mario Galaxy, is just charming.

I've been so disappointed by mass effet. After finishing fallout 2 recently, I looked up for some quality material, and people oversold it to me so I bought it on steam.

Yes, having a SF + FPS + RPG is an nice innovation. And the atmosphere is really well done. All in all it's a decent game, with several endings, and a finely crafted epic touch.

But it's nowhere close to the hype it got.

The dialogues are terrible. Star wars episode 2 level.

The environments are incredibly dull. Empty. Repetitive. "Illusion of openness" but really just closed connected corridors except on the empty planets. What saves the game is the space exploration system making you feel you are really bad ass.

The combat system is a mess. I never could tell when I was winning because of my skill or some chance. Does my new equipment works ? Was this spell used right ? No idea. I just powered through the last 2 levels because it was just more efficient. Like in any modern game, healing is so easy anyway.

The UI Is terrible. Your bag is full, but you can't mass manipulate things to sell them. Reading an item description takes a split second, which cumulatively makes choosing gear a torture.

The game is buggy. FPS drops (it's an old game on a recent graphic card, damn it), characters stuck in walls, camera not moving... I was ok with that... on the PS1.

The writing isn't close to any classical RPG (fallout, baldur's gate, final fantasy 7, tale of fantasia, chrono trigger...). The motivation of characters are underwhelming: you feel no passion, anger or driving emotion of any kind, nor intellectual master plans. Everything seems a reason and a shortcut to get going. The person you are playing has the charisma of an oyster. The backstories are the only thing not messed up, and each of your comrade have a cool unique personality.

And god, half of the game time is spent on those awful planet exploration transitions with the mako. Not to mention moving anywhere is slow and clunky while being a good part of the game. And those unskipable animations (docking, mako droping, elevators, mass relays...), really what were they thinking ? The game is basically unplayable without using the apparently famous "bind game acceleration to middle click" hack so you can just speed up time and not become crazy. Having to cheat in a game not to win but to be able to enjoy it is not good design.

Well, Mass Effect never put itself in the category of those CRPG's, ever. It's absolutely inline with Star Wars, as that is what it was HIGHLY influenced by.

If we're talking crummy UI, and buggy gameplay. ANYTHING in the Fallout series isn't exactly something I would hold up in high regards :)

Mass Effect is supposed to be a space opera, not an open world like you were looking for. It's very much a story driven, go to x y z story line. With some branching.

If you've only played the first one, I can see why you'd have these reactions, it's A LOT rougher than the sequels. Which are far more polished.

I don't understand why you have been downvoted, since your reply makes sense. HN is a weird place, so many intelligent people and so many emotional reactions.

> ANYTHING in the Fallout series isn't exactly something I would hold up in high regards :)

Yes, it's the only one in the list though. Plus Fallout 1 and 2 (the goods ones) are more complex and old than mass effect.

I didn't play KOTOR so I couldn't compare to it. The space opera part is definitely a success, so I didn't hate the game. I quite enjoyed it. It's just not on my "must play" list, which contrast with everything I heard or read about the game, some even stating it was the best game of their life. I got too high expectations.

Wasn't so much the gameplay for me, but the 100+ hours of story, and the universe that was created. If it wasn't for that god damn ME3 ending, it would have been a perfect trilogy for me.

Mass Effect series was a weird one for me. Each game had its flaws, and each game fixed some of those flaws, but then introduced a ton of new ones.

There's an excellent breakdown for each on gamedesignreviews.com

Great write up !

Mario Galaxy was felt weird and a little forced for the first couple of levels. But quickly you get converted into believing the weird at first glance level design is really a masterstroke of genius.

> Metal Gear Solid

I bought a PS4 just to play the latest MGS. That series of games is so amazing and the latest one is superb. Characters, cut scenes, missions, etc. are all extremely well designed.

I "beat" the game - it took me about 160hrs over 6 months (the game is fucking hard, and I'm very much a casual gamer who isn't very good at playing through games fast).

I'm only at about 60% completion of all the accomplishments you can get in the game (though I did complete the main story).

Highly recommended (if you're into sneaker games even just a little bit).

> Last of Us

I basically stopped playing games during college due to the heavy CS workload. After graduation, I decided to pick up a PS4 and start reliving these exciting childhood memories, and Last of Us was one of those games that changed my life. I can't get Ellie off my mind for several weeks after finishing the game. Last of Us Part 2 is going to be another feel trip.

Yes top 5 games of my life, for sure.

> God of War

The first game. The sequels are much worse.

Enjoyed the all honestly, tough to pick a favorite at this point.

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