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Let's take a trivial example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_mobile_pho...

Let's say we are both on an unreliable wifi connection (perhaps on a train) and want to find the most recently-released entry in the table. Then we want to sort the data by each of the other columns of the table.

I click a heading and navigate to the bottom row of the table and see 2016. Done. Then, whenever I am ready I click each of the other four headings to sort the data again. This exhausts the effort I need to expend in order to get sorted views of the same data. And no network access was required to do this (which is nice for non-trivial table sizes).

With Gopher, what user actions are needed to get the same views of the data? How much effort do these user actions require?

Edit: also, are those user actions discoverable? At least visually Wikipedia's table gives me two arrows and a cursor icon change to make it apparent I can click to change the view of the data. As far as accessibility, there is a "title" attribute with the value "Sort ascending" that I presume would get read by a screen-reader.

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