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I have a trello board with the following columns:

"Good intentions" :- Things I think I'm going to do. I investigate then put in other columns.

"Next Up" :- Need to have a go at next.

"Working On" :- Actively doing.

"Done/Dead" :- Things that I did as well as things I failed at or discarded.

"Follow Up" :- Something happened, so need to wait on something/someone to then allow me to continue.

"Asleep" :- Sometimes things are not 'Dead' they are just really not worth looking at for another year or so. I evaluate these projects once a year or and move them into Next Up if viable again.

It's my home page when I fire up my browser. ;)

> It's my home page when I fire up my browser. ;)

That's maybe what I've been missing with this approach...I've set up very similar Trello boards in the past only to have them get stale because I only looked at them on a 'pull' basis rather than having them 'pushed' to me automatically.

That sounds great, but doesn't it get gigantic and hard to focus on at a certain point?

Hey, Random person on the internet here!

Your method just made me realise where I am in my life and how much more I need to accomplish.

Thank you!

This sounds very useful. I used to have something similar in a smaller scale on a whiteboard a couple of years ago. I guess a Trello board is just a better iteration.

I'll be trying this the next couple of weeks.

Is this roughly based on the David Allen's "Getting things done" method?

Sorry haven't read it. I just realised I can be out cycling or walking the dog, or even just commuting to work and come up with an idea, get really deep about it then move on with my life. The board gave me a place to put these ideas.

I also keep ambitions on there. So one of them is "Become a councillor". I don't plan to try and be a councillor until 2019, but it's nice to see it on there. ;)

I'm guessing the board is about dreams, ambitions, and even the odd big task.

Thank you for this. This sounds like a solid approach that I can benefit from.

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