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Complice is aimed at exactly this problem. Integrates a bunch of other productivity hacks as well, I love it.

The founder was interviewed on indie hackers recently: https://www.indiehackers.com/businesses/complice

It takes some time to get used to but is completely worth the investment.

If you want to know if I had a productive day or not ask if I started my day in Complice

It doesn't try to reinvent the productivity wheel, it uses what works. Pomodoros, long term goals, tracking, weekly / monthly reviews, positive reinforcement, optional social accountability.

Plus the guy building it is always adding new things while keeping it familiar.

You can also use Complice in a group setting, using rooms, if you think you might need accountability buddies.

Here's the Hacker News room, for instance: https://complice.co/room/hackers

(Not a lot of people in it lately, but we could change that ;) )

hey not to derail a thread recommending your app (which I think is pretty nice! I drop into the lw coworking room sometimes), but I've never quite figured out how to take advantage of it, despite feeling like I should be the kind of person who can (I do daily intention / outcome logging, I have a premium beeminder sub, I do pomodoros and stuff like that). I've done the free trial a couple times but never managed to get it into my flow in a way that quite justified the cost.

Anyway this post isn't going to give you enough information to recommend anything highly specific, but do you have any ideas what I might have been missing?

Maybe I've just already got that kind of thing well enough sorted, but then, I'm not entirely satisfied with my current approach to self planning.

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