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I know this goes against common sentiment. But I am going to disagree with the notion of going on your own and just investing in index funds.

It's not as easy as it sounds to stay consistent with it over time (years, decades). I did all the research, read a bunch of books, and used up a lot of my time when I was looking into investing. I picked an asset allocation strategy, and planned to contribute regularly and rebalance annually.

That just didn't happen. Rebalancing annually didn't. Contributing in a timely fashion didn't. My income goes up and down, I have to pay quarterly estimates, so I do keep some degree of excess cash. invariably, I forget to invest the difference for long periods of time.

In the end I hired a financial person to just handle it and manage my money. Yes, there is a drag on returns because of it. But the alternative was being out of the market for periods of time, or off balance. Anyway, just another opinion.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't my advice though.

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