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Something relevant to a negligible minority is usually expressed as: not relevant. Relevancy is not totally subjective, as we don't live alone in basements, but in a society. Something relevant for the most of the/a society is relevant. Other stuff is called niche, irrelevant, because it has no effect on the life of the society.

Nuclear physics interests a handful of people only, yet it is relevant, as society would have problems sustaining its operation without nuclear power. Gopher is interesting for even less people, and it is irrelevant, as society would go on just as well without it.

Low processing power need? A 10$ Raspberry Pi packs more power than the notebook I saved for 10 years ago.

A link to all known gopher servers? It is, in gopher protocol, which I cannot check as none of my browsers support this. This is what is your definition to relevancy is? Because it is not mine.

A webpage written in Nepali is infinitely more relevant to most users, as they can access it, and use everyday tools (like google translate) to have an idea in the page.

Gopher is about as relevant as the International Toothpick Collector Association's Annual Report on the Proceedings of Toothpick Size Irregularities.

I don't think I've ever read anything so passionate about Gopher.

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