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A frequent-ish review. About once a month, I get a nice coffee and cake and spend a couple of hours thinking about the last month, my current todo list and my long term goals. I try to remove anything that doesn't contribute to the goals, and intentionally put tasks which will move me toward my goals.

I also pray quite frequently (I'm Christian, but I believe some types of meditation are just as effective here). I look at my principles and ask myself whether I'm genuinely living up to them, and ask myself how I can improve.

I have tried using OmniFocus and MyLifeOrganised, but I found both tools got in the way of my thought process. Now I just use paper and coloured pens.

Yes, I'm an eclectic christian, I find 'the daily examen' an Ignation spiritual exercise - useful. Agnostics, atheists can perhaps use the same procedure and replace the first two steps with mindfulness and gratitude meditation and the last with goal attention. http://www.loyolapress.com/our-catholic-faith/prayer/persona...

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