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Consider for a moment that it might not be a "hipsterbrag" and just a colloquial name for a type of notebook. The concept of "Syncing" to paper is quite common[1][2].

[1]http://robertgreiner.com/2013/03/sync-to-paper/ [2]https://www.hanselman.com/blog/TotallyStressedOutSyncToPaper...

I've been going through notebooks (both lined and plain), doodling and journaling on and off for a long time but I've never owned a moleskine. I generally just go with whatever notebooks they have in stationary stores or Daiso.

What type is "moleskine" a colloquial name for, exactly? I had thought they were just pricey notebooks with hard covers but I've never seen one except in ads...

> What type is "moleskine" a colloquial name for, exactly?

All notebooks with black covers, at least in some circles. (As in, anything that looks somewhat like the products by the brand moleskine. Which are nice, but as you say pricey and not necessarily better than other brands, even if you care about details in your notebooks)

They generally just look a bit more professional than regular notebooks. I see a lot of people with them (in banking), typically consultants or management.

They're really nice notebooks and look awesome. People have them for the same reason they like nice watches; good quality, a status symbol and signalling.

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