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If you think the decision of whether to give away money isn't one that can wait, you disagree on the main point of the article's advice, which is that you can go wrong by spending your money quickly, and should therefore wait until you're ready before doing anything major with your money.

Perhaps he could have given philanthropy a little mention where he suggested investing a tiny bit in startups, for experience, but his genearl advice was, "Do something remarkable." He didn't suggest investing a big chunk of the money in startups, or founding a startup, or anything else.

There are plenty of unremarkable ways to donate money to non-profits. Anyone can start a non-profit. They claim to be benevolent. So does the government. If you donate to some non-profits, you might as well be donating to the government by optimizing for high taxes. He could find someone to advise him to donate to a good organization, so the money doesn't get wasted, but that brings us back to the point about not trusting every financial advisor on the planet.

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