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I'm surprised, given this is from Paul, that angel investing is not mentioned.

Tim - he says "avoid long-term or illiquid investments, though it's fine to put a few percent into random things such as starups, but understand that you'll probably lose that money, so consider it an educational expense."

I probably should've been more clear with what I meant -- I might've also avoided getting downvoted below 0 if I had.

I am surprised that someone discussing what to do with your money (in the context of selling your company and being posted on Hacker News) and discussing what to do with your life did not mention the possibilities angel investing offers beyond trying to make more money.

Even though Paul has been pretty successful with his angel investments ... but on average, that seems to be true.

I thought this was a clear, albeit indirect, hint at angel investing:

It's ungrateful to not make the most out of it (and also help others become a little more lucky).

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