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Yev from Backblaze here -> Yes we do plan on expanding to more datacenters, and we do have emergency plans in place, though we do choose our datacenters carefully to make sure that we avoid any natural-disaster prone areas. As for backing up our own data - we certainly do make backups of our core info/necessary data. As for the user data that we store, that's backed up across the storage pods in a vault as discussed in that post. We do not replicate customer data across multiple datacenters. At our price-point, that's just not feasible.

Is there thought being given to expose such an option to the end user at additional cost?

Say if I wanted to make sure my data was stored in 2 regions, and was OK with a slight increase in cost to accomplish that.

Sure, we consider it every now and again but for now we like "clean" pricing - meaning that it's the same across the board. Of course that might change in the future, but we try to strive for simplicity, so having different "tiers" goes somewhat counter to what we've done thus far.

Long time BackBlaze user & fan here. Currently backing up three computers. Love your service.

However, for my main dev computer, I would totally pay another $5USD to replicate it to another location. I don't think that needs to complicate the pricing that much. You're essentially just paying for another backup, except it's the same computer in a different location.

Another question, any plans for coming to Linux?

Hey there! Thanks for using us :D Icefo is correct, we don't currently have plans for Linux support - but we do have Backblaze B2. While not unlimited, it gives a lot more flexibility, and may end up being less expensive, depending on how much data you're storing -> backblaze.com/b2

As far as I know they haven't released an official client for Linux but started a new service: B2 cloud storage. There is an API and lots of third party clients. The only downside is that there is no 5$ unlimited plan

I think at that point you could look into rsync.net

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