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How does this hassle users more than regular captchas? The only additional effort it adds is a bit of thinking (too much to ask these days?). You don't have to type anything and it replaces the "Submit" button so not even any extra clicks.

It replaces the [Submit] button, so I can't tab to it and press space to submit, I have to move my hand from the keyboard to use the mouse.

Ordinary captchas exclude blind and other visually-impaired people. Audio captchas exclude deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Clickcha excludes people with muscle-control disabilities.

Most people click. But still, isn't it better than having to figure out characters and typing them?

Of course, there would be alternatives for people with disabilities.

It's different. I don't think it's particularly better or worse overall.

It suffers from the same issues of forcing commentators to stop and think about something utterly unrelated to the comment they are trying to make, and of being easily defeated by third world workers paid a pittance or first world porn addicts.

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