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Show HN: App that makes time travel possible (timeboundapp.com)
33 points by d_yablokoff on March 9, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

The all caps was painful to read. I'd reconsider.

I agree. I stopped reading after the first few sentences because it was too much effort. Its the end of my work day and I'm too tired to deal with awkward or annoying font issues.

the video on kickstarter is hilarious

This is a fantastic idea, and I love the approach it takes to merge the real world with creative storytelling. While it's easy to get excited about things like VR to relive past events, it's very cool to see folks utilizing simple, existing tech in a clever way to create a more visceral understanding of the past.

As cool as it looks, realtime updates - to me - takes away from the unique place in time that these events occurred.

If you wanted to know what was going on in WWII, you'd turn on the radio or walk to the newspaper stand to pick up a copy of The New York Times.

If you wanted an update on the Spartan stand at Thermopylae, you'd have to wait for the message runner to reach town and catch their breath before you'd get the news.

Maybe I'm too much of an immersive gamer to buy into the idea of Timebound, but I would much rather experience "the past" in the ways that the people themselves experienced it, or else I come away with a distorted projection.

The Times did this via email for World War I. It was kind of fun for a few weeks, but then I lost interest and it turned into spam. I'm also not much of a history buff, so maybe not exactly the target market.


If only this were android I'd back it and even sign up for the beta package on kickstarter right away. Sadly ios with no mention of android :( Looks cool though, repost when there's android..

Hi! This is Misha from the Timebound team. Thank you for pointing it out. Android will be available in late May, once the app is released. It's only the closed beta that's available for iOS, but the campaign is for both platforms. We will make it more clear on our Kickstarter page.

It's a great idea, but I found the Kickstarter page way more informative.

Really cool idea (though .. no Apollo 13?), but MY GOD does the typography on the webpage suck. I couldn't even read the whole page. I hope the app has better-considered design!

I actually went into the CSS to try to turn off uppercase (seriously stop using it) and it turns out all the text is an image


I prefer olduse.net. In 30 years will any of your blogs or walled garden comments still be available?

Depends if github / git is still around I guess https://github.com/divbit/blog

Best for historical geeks

wow! what a great idea!

looks interesting

this is so cool.


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